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Which curriculum and schemes of work are used?

Which curriculum and schemes of work are used to teach lessons?

We offer a full, broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum at Hollyfast. All subjects follow the National Curriculum's end of key stage expectations and programmes of study, alongside statutory and non-statutory Early Years documents. 


The following subjects have been designed by the school:

-English- Reading and Writing




All of these subjects have a clear rationale and long term plan, from Pre-school to Year 6, which the teachers follow to plan sequences of learning. Each routeway shows clear progression in knowledge, skills and vocabulary, within and across year groups.


The following subjects are currently taught following a registered scheme. The schemes below all follow the National Curriculum and associated programmes of study:


-Phonics- ELS (Essential Letters and Sounds). Our Phonics and Early Reading Leader is a registered trainer for ELS.

-Maths: White Rose Maths

-Design and Technology: KAPOW

-Music: Charanga

-French: Rigolo

-Computing: Teach Computing

-P.S.H.E: Jigsaw

-R.E.: Coventry and Warwickshire Agreed Syllabus

-P.E.: Real PE


-History: KAPOW

-Geography: KAPOW


All subjects are taught discreetly.