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Medicines in School

At Hollyfast School we recognise that there are situations in which it may be necessary for a pupil to take medication during the school day.  However, parents are encouraged to ask their Doctors to prescribe medicines, which can be taken outside of the school day.


If a child has to have antibiotics, or other prescribed medicine then the Parent/Guardian will be requested to organise the dose to be taken outside of the school day.  Or alternatively the Parent or a designated Adult may come to school at lunchtime to administer the Medication.


In circumstances where prescribed medication is to be given four times a day, the medicine will be administered by an adult in school in conjunction with the completed form.

All Medicines with the exception of Inhalers should be kept in the school office. Children should not bring Medicines to school, with the exception of inhalers.


Please refer to the Administrations of Medicines in School policy for further information.

Administrations of Medicines in School Policy

If your child requires either pro-longed use or prescribed medication please ensure the appropriate form is completed.  If your child has Asthma and requires an inhaler to be kept in school, a School Asthma Card form should be completed.