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Curriculum- Our Approach

At Hollyfast, our mission is pure and simple:


We will provide an excellent education to every child, in every classroom, every day, whilst maintaining high quality pastoral care. Excellent teaching and leadership will be a part of everyday life at Hollyfast, underpinned by collaborative, respectful working and learning relationships by all.  As a result, all children will leave our school happy and driven to become the very best version of themselves.


To fulfil our mission as a whole school community, we strive to live out the vision through our child- friendly motto of:

Aim high, grow within and reach beyond the stars.”

…intertwined with our school values of:

Our Curriculum Intent

Hollyfast is a bustling, forward-thinking 3-form entry school in Coventry with an engaging and purposeful curriculum. This curriculum is knowledge-rich and enables children to acquire and master a broad range of skills- disciplinary and procedural- inspiring true academic brilliance. By embracing the role that Hollyfast plays within the wider community fostering positive partnerships with parents in and beyond the walls of the school - the school ensures children can aim high, grow within and reach beyond the stars.

Our Curriculum Vision

Through a wide body of knowledge and skills, carefully mapped out and re-visited over time, and with our school values at the heart of all learning, our curriculum will excite, engage and inspire pupils to flourish– both academically and personally- throughout our curriculum, within their school life and beyond.

Our Curriculum Aims

It is our aim that by the time the children leave Hollyfast Primary School to embark on the next stage of their education, they are equipped with the academic skills and knowledge, and have developed the personal attributes needed to enable them to become successful citizens of the future.


Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has come before. The academic learning is underpinned by a strong emphasis on personal development and social skills so that children make and maintain healthy relationships with others. They learn responsibility and develop a sense of self so that they understand and value their place in the world and respect the same for others.


The curriculum at Hollyfast Primary School's main aim to provide a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences. It is our desire that children and their families value their learning and seize all and make use of any opportunity wholeheartedly, therefore we aim to ensure the offer to learn is strong in every classroom.

The 'key drivers' of our curriculum

Our 6 school values are at the heart of all aspects of school life at Hollyfast, including the curriculum. Children will develop, embed and apply their understanding of the core values we’ve developed as a community across all areas of the curriculum. Our core values are:

· Excellence

· Kindness

· Courage

· Respect

· Collaboration

· Perseverance

A constant focus on these values will support our children to aim high, grow within and reach beyond the stars.