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The Junior Leadership Team

Junior Leadership Team

We have an amazing Junior Leadership team at Hollyfast. This consists of:

-A Head Boy and Head Girl

-A Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl


-Middle Leaders


This team are responsible for supporting Mr Watson and Miss Smalldon in leading the school effectively. Some of the activities they have been responsible for this year have included:


-Leading Open Days for prospective parents. As part of these days, the Head Boy and Head Girl planned and presented speeches and the rest of the team answered questions whilst showing parents around school. An email from a prospective parent said the following: “The speeches from the Year 6 children helped me to put Hollyfast as our first choice. They are positive role models and I want my daughter to learn from them.”  

-Leading the Prefects in being positive role models around school.

-Creating a system to improve behaviour during transition time. They created their own certificates and stickers to give to children on a weekly basis. This is making a huge difference!

-Showing visitors around the school and talking to them about Hollyfast School Life.

-Improving presentation and handwriting by looking at learning and giving feedback to teachers.