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English as an Additional Language (EAL)


At Hollyfast we are committed to welcoming all families to the school, and being as Inclusive as possible.  We have children from a wide range of different cultural backgrounds within the school, which we celebrate and embrace.

At Hollyfast we have children arriving with English as an additional language, or in some cases, with no English.  Our main aim is to settle the children as quickly as possible into school life; to encourage them to take part in the daily routines and structures, which will help them to develop, not only an understanding of the academic aspects of English, but the use of our language as a social interaction.

Our priority is to ensure that all pupils are enabled to have access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.  English is best learnt through the curriculum and EAL pupils should be encoraged to play a full part in all learning opportunities. 

EAL learners make the best progress within a whole school context, where pupils are educated with their peers.

Our school environment promotes language development through the rich use of language.

The school structure and overall ethos help EAL integrate into the school whilst valuing diversity.

Bilingualism is viewed as a positive and life enriching asset.

Websites for supporting English Language learning:-

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