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Design and Technology

Design and Technology at Hollyfast Primary School


Design and Technology at Hollyfast will prepare children for tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. It will enable them to be independent, self-regulating learners who can identify problems and think creatively of how to solve them– both as individuals, and through collaboration. They will be confident in reflecting and evaluating past and present creations, considering their designs, uses and impact on the wider world. This background knowledge will be the foundation of DT learning and will provide children with the platform to develop skills, experiment, design, create and flourish. Children will be equipped with the knowledge and skills achieve well, attain high and reach beyond the stars, within Hollyfast and beyond.


Our Approach

At Hollyfast, we follow the KAPOW scheme.


The KAPOW DT scheme of work has been designed as a spiral curriculum with the following key principles in mind:

✓ Cyclical: Pupils return to the key areas again and again during their time in primary school.

✓ Increasing depth: Each time a key area is revisited it is covered with greater complexity.

✓ Prior knowledge: Upon returning to each key area, prior knowledge is utilised so pupils can build upon previous foundations, rather than starting again.