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Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon at Hollyfast!

A couple of weeks ago, Hollyfast hosted a Macmillan Coffee Afternoon for parents only.

If you don’t know what Macmillan is, it is a charity that raises money for people with cancer.

At the Coffee Afternoon, we had cake stalls and each cake was either 50p or £1. All the parents at the Coffee Afternoon loved all the cakes and enjoyed chatting to each other.


Hollyfast Newspaper Club interviewed Mrs Mackskimmings, here is what she said :

“Macmillan will be so proud, lots of people made lots of lovely cakes”

“We raised £412 for Macmillan, everyone was so generous”

They were some of the lovely thing Mrs Mackskimming said and the Coffee Afternoon was a success!!!!