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Aims and Values

Curriculum Ethos and Rationale


At Hollyfast we are a family. Each and every child belongs to our family. Our teaching and learning is personalised at every opportunity; children are treated as individuals to ensure that they all meet their full potential. We believe that ceilings do not exist on any child’s learning and use assessment to continually drive children’s learning forward through high expectations for all. This is reflected in our school motto: Work hard to be the best you can.


We strongly believe in a rounded, balanced and engaging curriculum. We take pride in our focus on fluency in the basic skills of reading, writing and maths, and aim to provide children with a curriculum that enhances their knowledge and understanding of the world. This builds upon the opportunities they have at home and builds aspirations for the future.


The mental health and well-being of our children is central to the way we teach at Hollyfast. Relationships are the bedrock and our curriculum is language–rich, built on an ethos of group work and active learning, where children are actively involved in their own learning and develop positive learning behaviours on their journey with us. We provide children at Hollyfast with engaging, practical activities that encourage them to work together and take advantage of our extensive outdoor environment.

Our Curriculum Aims


We have a clear focus on the journey our children should take through their time at Hollyfast. The progress children should make on this journey is considered in everything we do, and underpinned by our assessment systems. Children will leave Hollyfast as successful learners equipped with a range of skills and knowledge to access future learning and challenges. Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to be: - Independently motivated - Collaborative - Inquisitive - Creative thinkers - Clear communicators - Knowledgeable of the world - Emotionally understanding - Resilient - Self-believing. These aims are the foundations of our curriculum content, our teaching approach and our enrichment opportunities. Teachers facilitate active learning which enables children to think for themselves and problem solve. Our curriculum drivers are built upon these aims and determine the direction and development of the work we undertake in school life.