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Clubs and Competitions




The children have worked incredibly hard this academic year, learning new skills and improving each day. We have had some fantastic sporting achievements that we would like to highlight to you. But firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you for not only welcoming myself and Mr Shaw to Hollyfast but also your dedication to the children with kit and equipment, taking the children to sporting events and coming to support. We have some exceptionally talented children at Hollyfast and I am very excited for what the future holds.


Boys Football

Over the past few months, we have taken part in numerous football matches in which we have had some amazing results including a resounding 10-0 victory As a school, we have some extraordinarily talented football players but more importantly a team who is willing to go the extra mile to help each other. We are currently in 1st position in the school's football league and still in a cup competition  So with perseverance and dedication, we will hopefully have some football achievements to celebrate over the coming months.


Girls Football

The girls have been working incredibly hard with Mr Jackson and are improving with each day of training.  We have had some really positive results and the girls have been extremely unlucky on a few occasions. I am in no doubt that if the girls continue to aim high and learn from Mr Jackson, they will reach beyond the stars.






Year 4 Girls Football

The girls have been competing in a football tournament against numerous different schools.  They have been amazing and have shown considerable improvement.  For some of the girls, it was their first time putting on a football kit and playing.  It was great to see our value of courage shining through.





Year 5 started us off with the dodgeball competitions and were superb, not only with their dodgeball skills, but also their demonstration of our school values. They came first place in the competition and were so excited to receive a gold medal.

Next up was year 4’s turn to shine.  This time, we were able to take two teams to the competition and they did not disappoint. Not only was their behaviour immaculate but their ability to collaborate as a team was second to none.  Team A finished in third place with a bronze medal and Team B in first place with a gold medal which is a real accomplishment. Great excellence was shown by both teams.





Our Year 6 team participated in an athletics competition and were incredible. As staff, we were amazed with how well they did and the collaboration on display. The children were each tasked to complete a track and field event and showed some great techniques in a range of different events. For this competition we achieved first place and were again overjoyed to receive a gold medal and move onto Coventry final - we will keep you updated!





Hado is a unique event which is set in a virtual reality, that the children were able to take part in.  The children were each tasked with wearing a virtual reality headset and playing a form of dodgeball using their hands to create balls and throw them at the opposition. The children had a fantastic time, and all came away with smiles on their faces.  


School Clubs

School clubs have really taken off at Hollyfast.  We have worked hard to broaden our offer to include Arts, Crafts, Performing Arts, outdoor fun aswell as sport.  Each half term, we offer and rotate a wide range of different activities and we really hope there is something for every child.  Across the Autumn term, 285 children attended a Hollyfast club which is a fantastic number, thank you for all those who did attend. For those who would like to sign up please use the MCAS app or speak to a member of staff if you are unsure.  Our aim is for all children to take part in at least one club each academic year. 


Mr Ashby         Mr Shaw

PE Coaches