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Children's Welcome

Hello and welcome to the Hollyfast website!

Our names are Archie and Samantha, and we are the Head Boy and Head Girl.  Our job is to help Mr Watson and Miss Smalldon.  

We have many different features on our website for you to look at, such as explaining our curriculum, Parents/carers information and much more.

Our school moto is Aim high, grow within and reach beyound the stars.

Our values are perseverance, excellance, courage, kindness, respect and collaboration.

Our values and children is what makes Hollyfast, Hollyfast.  They are like a magntic for what holds the Hollyfast family together.

There is lots for you to see on our new website, but you can also see more on our Facebook page, Hollyfast Primary.

Thanks for visiting.

Archie & Samantha

Head Boy & Head Girl