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Hollyfast Royal Garden Party


Hollyfast’s Royal Garden Party


Thursday 17th May, from 12-oo pm – 1:30 pm


  • Weather permitting; the whole of the school will be eating on the field in their registration groups.


  • Parents / carers are welcome to come along and eat with their children, but please don’t forget your food and picnic blanket.


  • If you have more than one child in school, you are welcome to collect your children from their registration groups and picnic with all of your children as a family if you wish to do.


If the weather conditions are unsuitable to picnic outside,:


  • Pre-School and Reception will picnic in the hall and Years 1 – 6 will picnic in their classrooms.


  • Parents / carers will still be able to join their children; however, the children will have to remain within their year group in the hall / classroom.


  • All adults and children are invited to wear red, white and blue.


  • (Year 6, please remember to come in normal uniform and get changed during morning break).